bibo wine list

‘bibo’ Latin, verb: drink

Head Sommelier, Louella Mathews, has selected and curated an award-winning wine list based on terroir. The wines are chosen from different regions with varied climates, soil types and traditions. The bibo wine list offers a selection from the best sites in Australia and around the world.


The bibo list is supplemented by an extraordinary private cellar that has been made available exclusively to bibo. Mathews says, “we have compiled a special museum release section in the wine list and have begun our own provenance program. This will allow us list a wine at its ideal drinking age and ensures that guests are drinking wine that has been kept under optimal conditions.”




“If variety is the spice of life, then Bibo will put a smile on your face. The list is a delight because it balances Australian wines with enough Euro diversity with a range of styles from blends, skin-contact to fortifieds. While the by the glass section rocks, a few more from Portugal would really round it out given the cuisine on offer.”

– Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards 2018, Awarded 3 Wine Glasses


Young Gun of Wine – Wineslinger Top 50, 2018